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I find myself looking up mac addresses semi-regularly, trying to find the vendor behind a device connected to our equipment at a customer’s house, or looking through logs and trying to identify devices attempting to connect to our wireless APs. I tend to default to using the MAC / OUI Lookup tool at, but after a few failed attempts, I started looking for source lists after noticing they may not keep their database updated.

So, this short post is just to bring attention to a couple of potential useful sources for finding the vendor behind a MAC address.

IEEE Registration Authority – Probably “the” database source you’d want to use. You can access the info to the right under the Download section. vendor database – This includes data from IEEE’s registry, but also includes information they’ve discovered on their own. They have an API you can tie into if you want.

Wireshark OUI Lookup tool Found this and added it to the list. It uses IEEE’s registry plus a number of other sources. They have a regularly-updated printout of OUIs, and that link is on the referenced page (currently labeled ‘Wireshark Manufacturer Database’). I didn’t link to that page directly to save server load — it seems large.

If you have any other resources that you use to look up the vendor behind a MAC address, let me know and I can include it here. I’m only looking for authoritative-type resources, rather than general search tools or one-off lists of MACs / OUIs.

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