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Over the years being a WISP tech, I’ve needed some things that I couldn’t find to fit my needs / functionality, so I made the apps myself. Some of these things could be super-useful, and I’d like to offer them here in the near future.

To be clear: these aren’t polished scripts by any stretch. They are functional for my intended use. I’ve spent small pockets of time over months or years putting them together or tweaking them: I don’t get to sit down and work on things like this with dedicated time. In order to use them, you’ll need some general server management familiarity. Perl / MySQL and cron jobs, mostly.

I’ll outline what they are and post a couple of screenshots.

Ubiquiti Airmax SNMP frequency change alerts

It’s the stupidest thing that Ubiquiti has had a recurring issue of APs changing frequencies themselves (or false positive DFS events), and they have no reliable way of generating alerts for this behavior that I’m aware of. So, I wrote something for that.

It grabs the current frequency of a Ubiquiti Airmax device (not Airfiber or anything else) using SNMP, and stores that along with custom community strings if needed. If the frequency changes, you’ll get an email. There’s also a history page as I thought it useful to keep track of frequency changes there over time. Presently alerts sent out via Amazon SES, will see if I can do a general SMTP server also or instead.

Troubleshooting ping monitor

The core focus of this script was to be able to catch intermittent / weird problems on wireless or wired connections with a graphical representation of what was happening and when. Problem connections, not normal monitoring. Can be run as frequently as needed, I run the pinger every 5 seconds, but each device can be set to ping at their own intervals.

Main page

Response time / loss display
Graphical representation of response times, different colors to indicate different levels of packet loss. Hovering over each line gives you the time/date and packet loss percent.

Historical view
You can go back to previous days to view results. The number of days records are kept are configurable on a per-device level.

Down / packet loss alarms
This is something that is not presently in the script, but will be before I upload it. I have the inputs, just haven’t written the alerting routines. Alarms will be sent via email. Amazon SES presently, though I’ll try to work out a generic SMTP server.

If either of these appear useful, please do leave a comment. It’ll encourage me to get them uploaded faster.

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