Mikrotik Routers – Block Torrents

There could be a few reasons why you’d want to block bittorrent traffic, maybe even more than a few. Torrent downloads and uploads, especially, can use an egregious amount of bandwidth if unrestricted, bittorrent activity can lock up old routers (maybe due to the number of connections, at least it happened to me many years back), and torrent downloads can result in copyright-infringement violations that are easily traceable to the seeder / leecher IP address.

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Mikrotik Dual WAN Static IP Failover

I wanted to setup a dual WAN / failover connection between wireless and fiber for a site, but couldn’t use a simple gateway-check due to the gateways being reachable even if the internet was down. I thought it would be simple, and ultimately was very simple, but it took way too long sifting through convoluted and confusing, mostly-unrelated config dumps, dead mikrotik wiki pages and countless forum posts to find the super-simple solution.

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SSH diffie-hellman-group1 Workaround

At my job I work with a mix of old and new wireless equipment. Some of the old stuff, such as Ubiquiti Nanostation2s, may not automatically let you ssh into them from newer workstations due these old devices using old / weak / outdated encryption algorithms, which newer operating systems tend to disable by default. If you’ve run into this, you’ll probably see a message along these lines:

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