Frequency Change Monitoring for WISPs

Keeping wireless networks running smoothly can be a challenge, especially when you’re working with unlicensed frequencies and support hundreds or thousands of wireless connections. A tactic used by WISPs and other wireless network operators is to change frequencies on noise-affected devices, and changing frequencies may very well smooth out problematic connections. However, there is always the potential for unintended negative consequences, and this is what this post is about: being able to identify problems that arise due to frequency changes.

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My Internet Is Slow! Simple Home Fix

Over the years while working for an ISP, I’ve overheard troubleshooting conversations held by the office staff and our customers. Beyond that, I’ve been a technically-minded internet user for 15 years myself. While there’s nothing that can be done in the moment if your ISP is really providing service slower than advertised, there is one simple trick that has shown, time and time again, to fix an astonishingly large number of problems that people have with their internet service.

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